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Grant Writing


Bohse & Associates has four decades of experience in assisting non-profit organizations with the analysis, refinement and implementation of budgets, funding programs and grant writing processes. 

The Bohse Team works with your organization to analyze its respective budgets, expenses and funding mix and make specific recommendations about the effectiveness of your current approach. By evaluating current practices in obtaining new funding sources and examining your current mix of income and expenses, our team can provide you with specific recommendations about the financial health of your organization and suggest grant funding sources that are a good match for your program. 

Grant Review Services 

The Bohse Team includes seasoned former funders who can review your proposals from a grant maker’s point of view. By examining previous grant writing efforts that were not successful, or by reviewing grant proposals prior to their submission, The Bohse Team can help your in-house talent strengthen their skills and incrementally increase the number of successful grant applications for your organization. is an affiliate of Bohse & Associates. This searchable database contains federal, state, foundation and corporate grant makers who are actively accepting proposals from organizations. 

In addition to our grant writing consulting services, Bohse & Associates offers workshop training in grant researching and grant writing.


Bohse & Associates offers half-day or full-day workshops: Grant Writing Made Simple. This workshop allows participants to get hands-on experience in the grant writing process, including many practical exercises and individual attention.

Grant Writing  and Beyond Made Simple is a four-part workshop, available as individual modules in half-day sessions or as an intensive 3-day package. Attendees of the 3-day workshop will cover all four grant writing modules in detail.  Participants receive a workshop binder filled with essential information, resources, and samples. Additional resources will be made available depending on the workshop. 

Module One--Getting Ready 
Participants in our Getting Ready grant writing workshop will do the basic preparation necessary for any successful grant writing effort. Topics include gathering essential documents, fund development/fund diversification, cultivating relationships with grant makers and partners, and a review of resources available to grant writers. 

Module Two--Show Me the Money! 
In our Show Me the Money! workshop, attendees will learn how to write a summary of their funding needs, conduct basic research for funding sources with the best chance of success and look at private and public funding and how they work. 

Module Three—Numbers Tell the Story 
Crunching the numbers can be a daunting task for grant writers, and miscalculations and unsupportable estimates can sink any application. In Numbers Tell the Story, participants will learn how to develop a project budget from start to finish, including identifying personnel requirements, calculating fringe benefits, and examine the differences between foundation, government, and corporate project budgets.


Module Four—Writing the Proposal 
In Writing the Proposal, attendees will brainstorm their proposal ideas, discuss who should be on their Dream Team for proposal writing, review the components of a typical proposal, and learn the proper way to package and deliver their finished proposal to the funder. Attendees will also review appealing and appalling grant proposals, and learn how to conduct their own proposal evaluation. 


stick figures encircling a pile of cash

"I have worked with Pat professionally for many years. As we all know, you only chose to work with someone again and again when you know that what you need done will actually get done, and get done well! Pat has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions at the right time. She brings a clarity of purpose to almost any task. She is one of those rare individuals who isn't afraid to ask the tough questions. I admire her, and the work she does, greatly."


Cynthia M Adams

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