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Fundraising & Resource Development

Nonprofits that are successful at raising financial support generally have a well-defined fund development plan. A comprehensive plan includes procedures, tactics and strategies for both fund raising and grant writing. And while they both bring dollars, goods and services into an agency, each uses different approaches, strategies and skill sets to accomplish each goal. 

The Bohse Team will work with your organization to prepare a sound fund development plan that will set realistic goals for your agency, and put you on a path to financial stability. 

The Bohse Team can provide much-needed definition for types of fundraising and which are suitable for your organization. We can also help both Board and staff understand their roles in the fundraising process. 

Bohse will work with your organization to conduct an in-depth analysis of your fund development department and previous funding efforts that will include:

  • Evaluating the current state of your fund development efforts
  • Determining who should be involved in the planning process
  • Assessing the level of commitment from your Board members, executive director, and key employees
  • Determining community awareness of your organization and its programs
  • Creating Action Steps that identify personal ownership and assign responsibility
  • Identifying areas of focus for fundraising efforts
  • Setting realistic goals for future fundraising
  • Executing a written fund development plan
  • Applying appropriate measurements for success

We can show you how to define resources as more than dollars. By defining fundraising as bringing in goods, services and professional volunteers in addition to cash, your organization can expand its fundraising efforts and donor base exponentially.  In fact, in many cases, an organization will be much more successful asking for anything but money! 

Finally, the Bohse Team will work with you over time as a consulting resource as you implement your fund development plan. 


In order to stay in business, an organization must raise money and find resources—including goods, services, and skilled volunteers. Board members, management and staff must each participate in this process for it to be most successful. We offer workshops that are user-friendly and make the process simple and specific. 

In addition to our fundraising and resource development consulting services, Bohse & Associates offers workshop training.  All workshops are available as half-day or full-day presentations.


Fundraising 101 

Organizations that are successful at raising financial resources generally have a well-defined plan, have identified diverse funding sources, and know what it is about their organizations that will attract funders. This workshop will show you how to achieve your fundraising goals through a variety of different avenues including: 

  • Individuals
  • Grants
  • Sponsorships
  • Annual campaigns
  • Special events
  • Major gifts
  • Planned giving
  • Capital campaigns


99+ Effective Ways to Raise $$$

Our 99+ Ways workshop explains in detail the many types of funders you can approach including foundations, corporations and individuals. Each target funder requires a different contact strategy, and each one will define 'giving' a little differently. Be prepared for each situation and remember, you are only limited by your own imagination!


Free, Cheap, Edible: How Non-profits Can Leverage In-kind Donations 

Never again pay for computers, software or furniture? It's possible. 
Developing an in-kind donation program has a two-fold benefit: You get the professional services or the paper products or the software or the clothes you need to run your program and help your clients. You also are able to better communicate the full value of your program and services to donors and funders. 


jigsaw puzzle piece with a dollar sign on it

"I have been working with Bohse & Associates for many years. The team has assisted our agency in evaluating our effectiveness as well as our current approach. They have helped us identify where there is room for improvement, supplied innovative ideas and connected us with other services providers. Pat is an experienced professional who possesses the ability to create and design the programs, professionally describe how the results could be achieved. A recent RFP led to the successful contracts with The New York Department for the Aging (in the amount of $2.5 million)."


Jane Ruddy

Executive Director

COTHOA Luncheon Club Inc.