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Bohse can help your organization by reviewing and understanding its management styles, assessing skills and professional goals, providing training, and facilitating conflict resolution.


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Aging Services

Bohse & Associates has four decades of experience and a special expertise in the area of aging services.  We can provide you with the tools you need to better serve a growing demographic of seniors in the United States.

Professional Speaking

Pat Bohse's extensive experience  has given her the "Head and the Heart" to offer the breadth and depth of her expertise and guidance to successfully help individuals and businesses.  She will awaken & motivate listeners to new and alternative ways of thinking, inspiring them to take action.

Consulting & Training

Bohse & Associates has a proven track record of providing consulting & training services to meet the growing demand in today's non-profit marketplace.  Let us help you achieve your organizational goals and assist you in making a difference for others.


I recently was interviewed by the National Nutrition & Aging Resource Center on the topic of the importance of effectively connecting and serving diverse communities of seniors:


I also developed this tip sheet and I hope you will find it useful:


Know Your Current and Future Customers:

Regularly update demographic data to understand the evolving needs of your senior community.

Anticipate future trends and tailor programs to cater to a diverse aging population.


Cultural Sensitivity and Appreciation:

Foster an environment of respect, insight, and appreciation for various cultures. Consider food preferences, traditions, religious beliefs, customs, celebrations, and salutations in program planning.


Language Access:

Address language barriers by having staff or volunteers proficient in appropriate languages. Provide language assistance through translated materials and interpreters, ensuring effective communication.


Active Listening:

Practice active listening to better understand the unique needs and concerns of individual seniors. Create open channels for feedback and encourage seniors to share thoughts and suggestions.


Building Trust:

Establish trust by consistently delivering on commitments and being respectful in all interactions. Connect with community leaders to facilitate engagements with different communities.


Accessibility Consideration:

Make senior centers physically accessible to individuals with mobility challenges. Provide assistive devices and support to enhance accessibility for all seniors.


Information in Various Formats:

Offer information in diverse formats, including large print, audio, and multiple languages. Utilize accessible communication methods to accommodate different cognitive and sensory needs.


Remember, the key to effectively serving diverse communities of seniors is continuous adaptation and a commitment to inclusivity.


I hope you find this information helpful.


Pat Bohse

President of Bohse & Associates LLC