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Pat Bohse and her team are available to share their expertise on the following subjects:

Aging Services

It’s no secret that America is graying—one in eight Americans is an older American. Baby Boomers number nearly 77 million, and it is projected that by 2030 the number of people over 65 will soar to more than 71.5 million.

Services for this growing demographic must also increase, and the meals and shuffleboard approach still used by many service organizations is outdated and does not address the needs of many aging Americans who still consider themselves vital and active.

Bohse & Associates has three decades of experience and a special expertise in the area of aging services, and can provide you with all the missing pieces to your puzzle of how to serve your constituencies with the most current programs and services. The links below will give you additional information about the depth of services we can provide.


Board of Directors Development

Pat Bohse has over three decades of experience as a consultant, Board member (national and local), and former executive director. She has clients in the fields of senior services, human services, healthcare, faith-based services, historical affairs, the arts, and education. Learn more...

Strategic Planning

Bohse & Associates is contracted by major organizations and non-profit organizations to provide technical assistance and training to make them strong. Bohse helps organizations find resources, goods, services, and volunteers, and helps them realize they are running a business. Bohse excels at challenging organizations to think differently to find solutions and get what they need. To do this, Bohse & Associates helps organizations create and implement a strategic plan, with a mission and vision, and achievable goals.   Learn more...

Volunteering in the U.S.

Bohse & Associates has trained volunteers and volunteer managers in a wide range of sectors, from corporate volunteers working for non-profits, to individuals working in state parks and historic sites. Bohse is familiar with the pros and cons of recruiting and maintaining a volunteer force, and can provide a wealth of statistical information on volunteerism in the United States. Learn more...

Grant Services and Researching

Bohse & Associates helps organizations do the strategic planning necessary before grant writing begins. Bohse will assist organizations in the brainstorming process, develop summary specifications, review documents and finally, review the grant proposal prior to submission. Learn more...


Dad and Rocky

The late Arthur Bohse Sr. & Rocky






"Selecting Bohse & Associates to guide us through our strategic planning and Board development process was the best choice FRA has ever made in choosing such a consultant! Our experience from the start has been informative, creative and rewarding. As a small non-profit with a local presence, we appreciated the realistic and very practical approach of Pat Bohse, which was unique above all other consultants interviewed or those we have used during our 30 years. Each step of the way was efficient and inclusive of all participants as we all learned and grew to bring about a viable vision for the future of FRA. Today, our Board, administrative staff and every aspect of our program is actively using the many tools Bohse & Associates provided to us. These are truly invaluable tools. Bohse & Associates is a distinctive and high quality resource for growing your business which we highly recommend."

Nancy Phalanukorn
Executive Director
Family Resources Associates

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