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Customized Training

Organizations often face unique circumstances that require a more customized approach to training. Bohse & Associates can customize any training offering for your group. Simply contact us about your needs and we will create a program tailored to provide the solutions you require.

We have a variety of associates that can fulfill any of your training needs.

The Epilepsy Foundation of America

The Epilepsy Foundation of America® is the national voluntary agency solely dedicated to the welfare of the more than 3 million people with epilepsy in the U.S. and their families. The Foundation sought grant writing training for their leadership and affiliates. The Foundation contracted with Bohse to provide training on two levels.  Working with Cindy Adams, CEO of, Bohse & Associates put together two days of training in Charleston, South Carolina for 100 Foundation affiliates and employees from across the nation.  Employees were offered Grant Writing 101 or an advanced training session depending on their level of experience. All participants took away a Grant Writing Toolkit prepared especially for the session to help them with future grant writing efforts.



PROCEED, Inc. is among the leaders in agency infrastructure development and HIV prevention interventions and, for the past 10 years, has served as a National Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) provider for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The scope of PROCEED’s technical assistance and training program is national, including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and focuses on ethnic/minority community-based organizations providing HIV/AIDS services to high-risk populations. Bohse & Associates has completed 10 strategic plans for its clients and most recently provided two days of Human Resource training using DiSC® profile tools, to help staff understand how their personal work styles affect the way they communicate. Bohse also provided training on Fund Development and Board Development for PROCEED and is a preferred consulting firm for PROCEED’s National Capacity Building Assistance program.


"As a national organization with fifty-five affiliates across the United States, you gave our affiliates the training they definitely needed. We have received so many rave reviews such as "this is the best training the Epilepsy Foundation of America has ever offered," and "the training was excellent and provided valuable resources." We could not have received comments like this if you and your staff did not provide the excellent training that you did."

Epilepsy Foundation of America

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