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Bohse Affiliates specializes in Web site design, hosting and marketing solutions for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and Fortune 500 corporations. has years of experience in database and systems architecture, robust and sophisticated Web site applications, quality graphic design, dependable high-end Web site hosting and comprehensive marketing strategies—and our services are located all under one roof. 

Benevon trains and coaches nonprofit organizations to implement a mission-based system for raising sustainable funding from individual donors. This system ends the suffering about fundrasing and builds passionate and committed lifelong donors.

Finance Arts, LLC
Finance Arts, LLC. is a consulting firm that offers Board and management training, analysis and assistance to nonprofit organizations. Finance Arts' President, David Gray, is a Certified Financial Planner and brings his financial skills to the realm of nonprofit management, as seen in his recent book, the Finance Arts Guide to Nonprofit Cash Flow. Gray has conducted training sessions for organizations as diverse as The Watershed Institute, The New Jersey Theatre Alliance and The United Way. In addition to work in nonprofit management, Finance Arts also offers personal financial planning services on a fee-only basis.

Adriane Berg is the CEO of Generation Bold, a marketing, branding and strategic alliance company that implements campaigns for its clients as well as designing them. Generation Bold has clients in all sectors of the profit and not for profit world. Some of the initiatives it manages include: social media marketing, webinar and educational outreach, sales training, product development, franchise growth, international business operations and expansion, blogs and website development. Generation Bold is a leader in “lensing” seeing the product, service or organization through the eyes of the end user, donor or volunteer, and suggesting changes that will clear the lenses for growth.

Adriane Berg is an attorney and author of 13 books on personal management and a well know radio and television host of “IRS Tax Beat”, “Money Talks”, and or WABC, WMCA radio. She is Co- Founder of Boomer Authority Radio Network, and Co-Host, with Pat Bohse, of Not for Profit Exchange Radio, Ms. Berg is an international speaker and guest lecturer at USC in marketing and the silver markets. Ms. Berg is a graduate of NYU School of Law, Phi Beta Kappa, and Magna Cum Laude, Brooklyn College. Ms Berg’s most recent book is management for profit and non-profit organizations.

Grant Professionals Association
Five people with ideas about shaping the future of their profession organized their thoughts and their peers to form the Grant Professionals Association. GPA is the first organization focused solely on the advancement of grantsmanship as a profession and the support of its practitioners.
Member participation in national conferences held annually across the country has provided the practical fabric of a rapidly growing network of diverse grant professionals. Fostering a constant critical eye on the current state of the craft, the GPA Journal, published semi-annually, provides a forum for book and article reviews, dicussions on best practices, and scholarly examination of the state of the profession. For the long term, GPA continues to lead the efforts to establish a formal credentialing process.

GPA is an organization of people who care deeply about the grants profession. Share the vision. Share the camaraderie. Share the future.


GrantStation offers online access to a comprehensive set of powerful grantseeking tools and resources, which makes it quick and easy for nonprofit organizations, local and state government agencies, and educational institutions to identify the appropriate grantmaker for any given program or project. There information on the GrantStation website is continually updated in order to provide the most current research available on all types of grantmakers, including: federal agencies, private foundations, and corporate giving programs. In addition, over 300,000 grantseekers receive the the GrantStation Insider, a weekly e-newsletter full of upcoming grant announcements. To take a freed tour of GrantStation's many features, click here

IdeaEncore is a resource exchange of all types of information, tools, documents and resources that nonprofits can download and use. Using these tested and proven materials can save you time and reduce mistakes when you need to develop documents for your organization. This vast pool of information (over 4,000 items) has been shared by nonprofits and professionals who work with and support nonprofits. There is no fee to browse and download the free, publicly available, materials. Fre registration is required to download materials.


SGA Group
SGA Group is a full service CPA firm that specializes in providing financial and consulting services to the nonprofit community. We offer a full-range of traditional and nontraditional services, both off-site and in-house, to provide nonprofit clients with financial management solutions that empower management, boards and volunteer staff with the knowledge of how to maintain records, prevent nonprofit fraud and find ways to ensure accountability. The firm is a recognized leader in New Jersey on tax-exempt issues and tax compliance for nonprofits. Our experts actively participate in conferences to educate the community and nonprofit groups looking for guidance.

We understand and further the objectives of our nonprofit clients in a broad range of fields, including foundations, arts and culture, education, health-related services, membership organizations, private social clubs and senior organizations.

Suydam Insurance Agency
Suydam Insurance Agency serves nearly 2,000 customers, with a special niche for not-for-profits. With expertise, care and a fresh view to the insurance relationship, we can help you understand your exposures, some new like 'cyber' , AND understand the trade-offs between insurance coverage, premium dollars and the steps you can take in-house to reduce your insurance budget. For five decades serving our clients with quality insurance and personal attention with a "family touch", we are Suydam Insurance Agency. It's your world. We just protect it.



Ventureneer connects nonprofit executives, social entrepreneurs and socially responsible small business owners with the knowledge they need to make the world a better place and to thrive as sustainable organizations. We provide practical, real world insights, strategies, techniques, and solutions to help values-driven businesses realize their social-change missions.


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