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Let us introduce you to Bohse & Associates.


We help clients develop and manage results-oriented initiatives that drive efficiency and productivity.


We provide organizations with the resources to implement and evaluate the programs and practices we recommend.


Come in and find out what Bohse & Associates is all about.

Unlock the possiblities.


Bohse can help your organization by reviewing and understanding its management styles, assessing skills and professional goals, providing training, and facilitating conflict resolution.


We will help you open your imagination to what you can accomplish.

Choose the right path.


When you don't know where you are going, all roads lead there.  We will work side-by-side with you and together we will find and open the doors that will help your organization accomplish its goals.


Trust us to lead you in the right direction.

The doors of opportunity are endless.


Open the door to fulfilling your organization's needs and wishes by sharing them with the universe.


The universe is waiting...

Aging Services

Bohse & Associates has four decades of experience and a special expertise in the area of aging services.  We can provide you with the tools you need to better serve a growing demographic of seniors in the United States.

Professional Speaking

Pat Bohse's extensive experience  has given her the "Head and the Heart" to offer the breadth and depth of her expertise and guidance to successfully help individuals and businesses.  She will awaken & motivate listeners to new and alternative ways of thinking, inspiring them to take action.

Consulting & Training

Bohse & Associates has a proven track record of providing consulting & training services to meet the growing demand in today's non-profit marketplace.  Let us help you achieve your organizational goals and assist you in making a difference for others.


Pat Bohse Hosted "Welcome to SCAN"

On the January television episode of "Welcome to SCAN" Pat Bohse sat down with Freeholder Sue Kiley from the Monmouth Board of Chosen Freeholders to talk about the Monmouth ACTS program. Monmouth ACTS is an important initiative to enhance access to services that are available in the community based on need.  CLICK HERE to tune in now!


Recent Testimonials!

Pat Bohse presented a workshop about board development, "Board Members Are People Too," to arts, history and cultural nonprofits in our region. She packed an amazing amount of crucial, actionable information into one evening, yet kept the attendees engaged. More than a workshop, it was like a concentrated course in the strategies and tactics a nonprofit needs to understand and undertake to grow and strengthen their organization. Pat described specific steps that organizations should take and why each action matters: such as evaluating a board, recruiting and retaining quality board members, developing a strategic plan, developing a marketing plan, and more. I highly recommend Pat for her expertise, presentation skills, and the high-quality content she offers.


Martha Sturm

Union County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs


I was impressed by Pat Bohse's grasp of the topic of Board development. She was very thorough and efficient with her presentation. The fact that she shared her personal experiences as a board member was something I found to be quite helpful. Her workshop on marketing was just as good.


John Prescott, Coordinator of History Programs

Union County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs


Thanks Pat Bohse for delivering another wonderful workshop of value to non-profits. The information you provide is important, and could have been dry and dull, yet you bring it alive and keep your listeners interested and engaged as they learn vital tools to support their organizations. Thanks for your consistent high quality information and enjoyable presentation.


Libby Reid

Arts Coordinator

Union County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs