Elaine Swann ~ Photo Credit: Kendall Messick

Aging Services Consulting & Training

Because of our extensive, diverse background in aging, we can develop training to meet any organization's training needs.  All workshops include pre-workshop consultation to customize the materials for the geographic location, and a post-workshop summary of workshop evaluations.  Workshops are available in half-day or full day-format.


Some of our most requested training and workshop topics include:


Reimagining Your Senior Center

This workshop will give participants the opportunity to reimagine what their senior centers could be. We will discuss the importance of leadership and the role in advocating for services and funding the Older Americans Act, working from a strategic plan, how to best value and grow your agency’s staff and volunteers, the importance of great customer service and maintaining customer data, and the importance of building collaborations to maximize service delivery.


We will also discuss the creation of the Seasoned Internship program. This program was inspired by the recent movie, The Intern. Your center too can capitalize on the skills and experience of the senior population in your community.


Pop-up Senior Centers: Successful Aging and Technology Project (SAT)

We will present an innovative new program idea: the Pop-up center to stabilize and leverage present senior centers. The Pop-up concept has been successfully developed to re-package services that are currently done within a facility and to take it into underserved communities. An example of our success is our SAT program, a ten-week curriculum that incorporates health, wellness and technology. With creative funding ideas we have been able to purchase tablets for low-income seniors.


New Directors Training

This training will show the flexibility, the different variations and the diversity of the Older Americans Act (OAA). We will discuss the history of the OAA and its practical applications and review the Aging Network structure. We will discuss strategies on how to: work creatively with staff, volunteers and collocating partners; develop outstanding nutrition and educational programs; market your program; and find new funding opportunities to position your program for growth and prosperity.


How to Plan and Run a Great Volunteer Program

Volunteering is, and will continue to be, a necessary way of enhancing, expanding, and enriching services for those in need. Management and staff of non-profit and government programs recognize the value of volunteers, but they also acknowledge limitations and constraints in operating successful volunteer programs. Our workshop covers a wide range of issues that volunteer programs must address in order to be successful. Topics to be covered are:


  • Keys to Recruiting Volunteers
  • Orientation & Placement of Volunteers
  • Management of the Volunteer Program
  • How to Operate a Volunteer Program
  • Budgeting for the Success of Your Volunteer Program
  • Training Volunteers
  • Rewarding & Recognizing Your Volunteers
  • Evaluation of Volunteers
  • Retiring and Terminating Volunteers


Advisory Councils

Advisory Councils provide an important voice for your customers. This workshop will cover the following:

  • The roles, responsibilities and limitations of Advisory Councils
  • Building an Advisory Council:
    • Creating effective by-laws
    • Defining the role and functions of committees, including Advocacy
    • Reviewing  job descriptions for Advisory Council officers and members
    • Electing members to the Advisory Council
    • Exploring why Advisory Councils do not always work


Serving Different Generations of Older Adults

Participants will learn the differences between the GI, Silent and Baby Boomer generations and the demographic trends they need to plan for. Learn the six strategies of marketing and how to attract the different age groups and ethnic communities. Each group responds to specific activities that accommodates their needs. 

Elaine Swann ~ Photo Credit: Kendall Messick

“Bohse & Associates was the Association Manager of the NJ Association of Area Agencies on Aging (NJ4A) for 10 years. I served as the president of this association for 4 of those years. In addition, I am the director of one of the largest AAA’s in the state. I was able to maintain those positions simultaneously in large part to Pat Bohse. Her excellent focus, attention to detail and organizational skills has been invaluable to me, my staff and the other 20 directors in the state of New Jersey.”


Jaklyn DeVore
Division Director County of Essex, Department of Citizen Services, Division of Senior Services