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Aging Resources

Bohse & Associates, Inc. has made a commitment to help nonprofit organizations achieve their greatest potential.

As a result, we have devoted this section of our site to provide you with  complementary tools, information and resources to assist your  organization. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently we will be adding new resources on a regular basis.

Several of our tools are available in PDF format, and can be downloaded from this page.




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SCAN has been providing services to active adults ages 50 and over for the last 30 years. SCAN has four divisions, one is the Multi-Media Division, which produces three TV shows a month, shown on Comcast, CableVision, FiOS and SCAN's You Tube Channel. One is Welcome to SCAN, which Pat hosts on a variety of senior issues, that might be of interest to you.







The following articles have been researched and written by nutrition and aging expert Les Rosenzweig, MS, RD, and can help you run an efficient and effective food service program.






In the World of Aging, they use a lot of letters and most people do not know what they mean. Here's a guide to help you.


AAA Area Agency on Aging (AAA reads “Triple A”)
ACA Afordable Care Act
ACL Administration for Community Living

ADRC Aging Disability Resource Connection
ADSP Alzheimer’s Day Services Program
AIRS Alliance of Information and Referral Systems
AoA Administration on Aging
APC Area Plan Contract
APS Adult Protective Services
ASA Assistant Secretary for Aging
CAP Caregiver Assistance Program
CAT Comprehensive Assessment Tool
CDC Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
CHSP Congregate Housing Services Program
CGI Caregiver Initiatives
CMS* Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, *formerly known as HCFA
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
DACS Division of Aging and Community Services
DACSQI Division on Aging and Community Services Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement
DHSS Department of Health and Senior Services
DHS Department of Human Services
DoAS Division of Aging Services
ECO Enhanced Community Options Waiver
FMAP Federal Medical Assistance Percentages
FFP Federal Financial Participation
FTE Full Time Equivalents
GAO Government Accountability Office

HealthEASE Single entry system for health promotion/disease prevention information & coordination
HCBS Home Community Based Services
HDM Home Delivered Meals
I&A Information & Assistance
IM Information Memorandum
IPS Integrated Program Summary
ITO Indian Tribal Organization
LTSS Long Term Services and Support
MLTSS Managed Long Term Services and Support
MMA Medicare Modernization Act
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOWAA Meals on Wheels Association of America
N4A National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
NANASP National Association of Nutrition & Aging Services Programs
NAPIS National Aging Program Information System
NASUA National Association of State Units on Aging
NCOA National Council on Aging
NFCSP National Family Caregiver Support Program
NICOA National Indian Council on Aging
NSIP Nutrition Services Incentive Program
NWD/SEP No wrong door/Single Entry Point
OAA Older Americans Act
OCEW Office of Community Education and Wellness
OCS Office of Community Support
OOIE Office of the Ombudsman for the Institutionalized Elderly
OPG Office of the Public Guardian
PAAD Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled
PACE Health & Wellness; People with Arthritis Can Exercise
PACE Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly
PAS Pre-Admission Screening
PM Policy Memorandum
PSA Planning and Service Area
QA/QI Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement
QPR Quarterly Program Report
RFP Request for Proposals
SHDM Supplemental Home Delivered Meals
SHIP State Health Insurance Program (for Medicare/Medicaid eligibles)
SHTP Safe Housing & Transportation Program
SSBG Social Services Block Grant
SUA State Unit on Aging
SWHDM State Weekend Home Delivered Meals
USDA United States Department of Agriculture



Information from: The Department of Health & Senior Services, Division of Aging and Community Services and Jean L. Lloyd, MS, RD, National Nutritionist, US Department of Health & Human Services, Administration on Aging

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