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Volunteer Management

How to Plan and Run a Great Volunteer Program
Volunteering is, and will continue to be, a necessary way of enhancing, expanding, and enriching services for those in need. Management and staff of non-profit and government programs recognize the value of volunteers, but they also acknowledge limitations and constraints in operating successful volunteer programs. Our workshop covers a wide range of issues that volunteer programs must address in order to be successful. Our workshop can be presented as a half-day or full-day and includes these topics:

  • How to Operate a Volunteer Program
  • Keys to Recruiting Successful Volunteers
  • Orientation & Placement of Volunteers
  • Management of the Volunteer Program
  • Budgeting for the Success of Your Volunteer Program
  • Training Volunteers
  • Rewarding & Recognizing Your Volunteers
  • Evaluation Processes for Volunteers and Volunteer Programs
  • Retiring a Volunteer

Please note that our workshop can be customized to emphasize your areas of concern. Just click here to contact Bohse  for more information. 

Exploring the New Frontier of Volunteerism
Exploring the New Frontier of Volunteerism is designed to help provide nonprofit organizations with guidance and ideas about using volunteers effectively. This “tele-class” will provide you with answers to the following questions:

Who volunteers? * Why do people volunteer? * What jobs can volunteers do? * Where do you find volunteers? * How do you recruit? * Now you have volunteers – what do you do with them? * How do you retain and/or terminate volunteers?

If you would like a copy of our handout, please contact us.

You can also purchase How to Organize and Run a Volunteer Program from our store


We have used the services of Pat Bohse and recommend her highly if you are looking for a knowledgeable, reliable, savvy consultant with an impressive background who is also a terrific communicator, for a one-time workshop on how to create a successful Volunteer program for your organization, to more involved long range or strategic planning, board and/or fund development, or for customized training. Her experience, expertise and concise delivery of pertinent information has always left our attendees feeling that their time was well spent, and met or exceeded their expectations by providing them with the confidence and tools to move forward with their individual projects or overall missions.

Pat McGarry
Executive Director
Somerset County Cultural
& Heritage Commission

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