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About the Show
Pundits love to declare radio dead. Television killed it. iTunes killed it harder. It's the concept that matters, though, not the technology. The transmission of sound electronically to groups of people will always hold power. The Internet has proven to be a great channel for radio shows. Adriane Berg and Pat Bohse have created just such a show, The Not-for-Profit eXchange weekly internet radio show.

The Not-for-Profit eXchange internet radio show was created by two independent entrepreneurs, Adriane Berg, CEO, Generation Bold, a sales and marketing firm specializing in the leading edge baby boomer and active senior populations, and Pat Bohse, President, Bohse & Associates, specializing in helping non-profits change the world. Berg and Bohse represent two worlds - for-profits and no-profits that they talk about on their weekly internet radio show. Archived shows can be heard on

Started in 2010, the purpose of the show was to have the conversations on how the private and public worlds can help each other and work better together. To date, Berg and Bohse have conducted dozens of interactive conversations with individuals from TechSoup, Npower, Good360, GrantStation, IdeaEncore, Motion Picture and Television Fund, and many others.

We are always looking for guests and topics that interest our listeners, so we want to hear from you beause,  "If it is important to you it's important to us!". Please contact us with ideas.

Some of our previous guests:







Do you want to be a sponsor of the Not-for-Profit eXchange Internet Radio Show? We have several different opportunities for you to market your goods and services. Contact us.

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