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Staff and Leadership Development

Bohse & Associates stands ready to provide innovative resources and solutions that will assist you in maximizing the potential and effectiveness of your staff.


We will work with you to “grow” your employees, identify internal issues that may be preventing your staff from functioning as a team, and then help both the organization and the individual to get to the next level. Bohse can help your organization by understanding management styles, assessing skills and professional goals, providing training, and facilitating conflict resolution.

Consultation Solutions

Bohse & Associates provides full or half day training customized for the organization designed to meet the challenges of your leadership team. We also provide individual coaching on this topic are for leaders who value their personal development.

Leadership Team Building
The ability for the leaders of your organization to collaborate with each other, fostering an environment where their opinions and the opinions of their staff are valued can make the difference in the efficient operation of your organization. We use assessments designed to identify the behavior style of each individual, the value that different behavior styles bring to the organization and how to capitalize on these differences to drive performance.

Succession Planning

Do you know what will happen when your Board chair, executive director, or key staff member leaves your organization? More and more funders are requiring organizations to have a Succession Plan in place in order to be eligible for assistance. This is especially true if your current Board Chair or executive director is your organization’s founder. The Bohse Team can assist you in creating a succession plan.

Volunteer Management
The Bohse Team can help you assess your current volunteer program, or help you create a recruitment and retention program to find the professional volunteers your organization needs to be effective. We look at how you run your program, review recruitment and training materials, orientation packets and evaluations, and make recommendations for improvement. If you are lacking the necessary tools for a successful program, The Bohse Team will provide services to help you create these tools and processes. The Bohse Team can also work with advisory councils, and can facilitate for better cooperation and communication between volunteer groups and staff members.

Your Talents and Strengths
When members of your leadership are utilizing their talents and strengths they are more productive, engaged, creative and enjoy their jobs . We all have these talents and strengths and this training is designed to help identify the TOP 5 talents/strengths of the leadership in your organization. Participants receive an assessment to help identify their top 5 talents/strengths and a book to use as a reference to enhance and reinforce their learning after the training. In addition, each participant will receive a 30 day action plan customized to help them to continue to develop their talents/strengths.

Accepting Change
A decision to make a change in your organization can be met with opposition which can manifest into overt or covert resistance by formal or informal leaders who are unwilling to buy into the need to change. This training is designed to introduce the need to be flexible and adjust to change in a non threatening way. After meeting with you to determine your organizations needs, we develop a customized workbook designed to focus on the issues and open the door for honest communication. We also provide a book for each participant to reinforce what they have learned as well as a video to connect with the visual learners in the group.

Customized Consultation and Leadership Coaching Solutions
You did not see a training listed that would address your desired goals for your leadership? We can help you design it. Just take a look at the list of assessment tools below. We would be happy to talk to you about your specific needs and customize a training program to provide a solution to this problem. Each of these training topics listed above are available for individual leadership coaching as well. Just give us a call.The Bohse Team is here to patner with you to help take your organization to the next level of excellence.


Assessment-Driven Learning

Bohse & Associates is an "Everything DISC Authorized Partner"—a pioneer and leading provider of assessment-driven learning solutions. These tools can be administered in paper form, or electronically using EPIC, the Electronic Profile Information Center. Bohse currently administers the following assessment tools and provides customized reports and workshops on each one:

All tools can also be purchased by your organization for self-administration and learning.

Off-Site Retreats

The Bohse Team can facilitate off-site retreats for staff and/or Boards. Our clients most often use this time for long range planning, to surface internal issues and needs, or for conflict resolution.






“Bohse & Associates have been a preferred consulting firm for PROCEED’s national capacity building assistance program and we have utilized the expertise of this firm for the past nine years. Bohse & Associates has a good understanding of how to work with people and organization and produces some of the highest quality work in the field. Without hesitation, I recommend Bohse & Associates to assist you in your capacity building, training and technical assistance projects.”

Jeff Blanchard
Assistant Director

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