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Fund / Resource Development

In order to stay in business, an organization must raise money and find resources—including goods, services, and skilled volunteers. Board members, management and staff must each participate in this process for it to be most successful. We offer workshops that are user-friendly and make the process simple and specific.

All workshops are available as half-day or full-day presentations:

Free, Cheap, Edible: How Non-profits Can Leverage In-kind Donations
Never again pay for computers, software or furniture? It's possible.
Developing an in-kind donation program has a two-fold benefit: You get the professional services or the paper products or the software or the clothes you need to run your program and help your clients. You also are able to better communicate the full value of your program and services to donors and funders.

Creating a Fundraising Plan
Organizations that are successful at raising financial resources generally have a well-defined plan, have identified diverse funding sources, and know what it is about their organizations that will attract funders. This workshop will show you how to achieve your fundraising goals using our proprietary planning tools and processes.

99+ Effective Ways to Raise $$$
Our 99+ Ways workshop explains in detail the many types of funders you can approach including foundations, corporations and individuals. Each target funder requires a different contact strategy, and each one will define 'giving' a little differently. Be prepared for each situation and remember, you are only limited by your own imagination!

How to Develop an Individual Donor Database
Over 80 percent of all donations in the United States are made by individuals. This workshop guides you through the essential steps in the prospect research process and shows you how to integrate individual donations into your overall development plans.

Fund / R=source Development

"I have been with the Glassboro Child Development Centers for nearly 19 years and I must tell you that after attending dozens of workshops and conferences over the years, this was by far the most well organized, valuable, practical and inspiring that I have attended. . . .You gave us real life situations, problem-solving activities, teamwork skills development and walked everyone through the process, not just the concept and outcome."

Joan Dillon, Executive Director
Glassboro Child Development Centers, Glassboro, NJ

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