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Accountability Coach

Bohse & Associates custom-tailors accountability solutions to each client's specific needs, and both short and longer term coaching and consulting options are available.

Traditionally, executive directors, Board chairs, and Board members have not had a person with whom they can brainstorm or discuss critical issues that require executive action. Issues of confidentiality and credibility preclude these executives from turning to peers and subordinates for advice. As a result, many take action without the benefit of a sounding board or objective third party, which often results in inconsistent success and frustration.

Bohse & Associates, Inc., offers private sessions for executive directors, Board chairs and Board members of non-profit organizations. Bohse & Associates provides ongoing support, objectivity, strategic thinking, and the added focus you need to consistently achieve your organizational goals.

With more than 30 years in business, Bohse is uniquely positioned to help you fine-tune your ideas and give you feedback on a project or venture.




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