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Board of Directors

In any non-profit organization, the Board of Directors is the employer. Yet, most Boards act as advisory councils rather than policymakers, which can be detrimental to an organization. Board members need to understand their roles, responsibilities and personal liabilities in order to effectively oversee their organization.

 All of our Board of Directors workshops are offered as half-day or full-day sessions and are customized to your organization’s needs.


Understanding Your Responsibilities and Liabilities as a Board Member

Board members have responsibilities to their constituency, staff, and the community at large. These responsibilities include fundraising, managing Board and staff relationships, and bridging the gap between the organization and community by raising awareness and support. Additionally, every Board of Directors has the same clear-cut liabilities: Legal, Fiduciary, Policy, Personnel, and Management. This workshop defines these responsibilities and liabilities and provides an opportunity for discussion in a nonjudgmental forum.


How to Run A Good Board

A Board needs to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and must be able and ready to self-assess with an eye towards continuously improving their membership and performance. This workshop will instruct you on processes to recruit Board members who will be active and productive, how to provide orientation and training for new members, how to determine when and by what means to retire a Board member, and how to reward a member who has made a substantial contribution to your organization.


Advanced Training—Taking Your Board from Good to Great

Our Advanced Training workshop addresses the changes that are necessary to take your Board to a "best practices" level, and to address trends that may require non-profits to adopt a Sarbanes/Oxley approach to financial accountability and governance transparency.


Improving the Board’s Working Processes

Bohse can help your Board manage itself better through training and facilitation related to improving how the Board functions. This workshop covers everything from process analysis through committee structures and responsibilities and drafting of committee charters.

Committee Chair Training

The more work that can be accomplished in committee, the more a Board can focus on its fiduciary responsibilities. This training and facilitation session is directed toward committee leaders and focuses on getting more out of the committee process.


Managing Your Board and the Chair
Our training and coaching for executive directors, CEOs and Board Chairs provides instruction in the finer arts of managing the Board and Board processes.


The 6C's of Board Development Cash, Clout, Contacts, Credentials, Community, & Commitment
This training program has been designed to assist Board of Directors of nonprofit agencies in the basic policies and procedures needed to run an effective and efficient organization. The program includes an indepth discussion and examples on the key elements that are needed to sustain and grow an organization.


Bohse & Associates provided a great workshop for our Board of Trustees that was able to bring together new and seasoned board members with many different backgrounds and opinions.  Pat’s expertise, professionalism and wit made everyone feel comfortable even when she was pushing us to deal with challenging issues.  She spent a lot of time in advance of the workshop getting input from different board members and learning all she could about the organization’s services, structure and culture.   The training was individually-tailored and focused on what we specifically needed at that point in time.  We left with a tangible plan and Pat followed up to ensure we were moving forward.  The board workshop went so well, we brought her back to work with our staff a few months later!

Corinne LeBaron,
Executive Director

Ronald McDonald House of Long Branch & New Brunswick, NJ

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